maple spruce soloist concert ukulele professional luthier

Made of Maple, Walnut or Black Locust, scale length 380 mm. Quick response and dynamic tone development create shape and substance as well as a broad frequency spectrum and even enable soloistic performances. Walnut adds a warm, earthy tinge to the Filomena's basic tonal character, maple a bright, angelic radiance and robinia a punchy, crisp sound.

Baritone Ukulele Mango Papageno

With a scale length of 508 mm and corresponding body size, this baritone ukulele allows guitarists to add an unusual sound variation to their instrument palette without any adjustment. At the same time, the mango wood adds a light, fresh touch to tonal density and assertiveness.

Steel String Baritone Ukulele Indian Walnut Sarastro

With the V-bracing developed especially for this ukulele and a scale length of 540 mm, Sarastro develops an amazing resonance behaviour with impressive sustain. The rich, earthy tone is wonderfully supported by the Indian Walnut. Its proximity to the tenor guitar opens up new musical worlds. Strumming, blues picking, everything is possible here.

Tenor Ukulele Black Locust Spruce local wood non tropical

First class local wood soloist tenor ukulele. Back and sides, bridge, head plate, fretboard and rosette Black Locust, neck Walnut, top Spruce. Excellent sound ...

acoustic bass ukulele fanned frets multiscale side sound hole pickup indian walnut

Balanced, precise with quick response in both bass and treble, this Bass Ukulele is excellently suited for anyone looking for an Acoustic Bass easy-to-carry. Despite its size, it also convinces with an impressingly sonorous sound.