The Duke - Archtop Acoustic Bass

With the Archtop Acoustic Bass The Duke, Christian Stoll reinvented the wheel bass. The Duke seems to outwit the laws of acoustics. Despite the smaller body, The Duke Archtop Bass surprises with an assertive bass sound, impressive volume and brilliant highs.

Multiscale Acoustic IQ Bass fanned frets Stoll Luthier

With this multiscale Bass we once again set the standard. The IQ Bass has fanned frets, bridge and head are matched harmoniously with the asymmetrical design. The sound - simply stunning.

classic acoustic bass scale 75 handmade loud luthier

The crossing of acoustic bass and classic guitar brought forth an instrument with a clean, velvety sound that asserts itself brilliantly. The scale of 75cm with a width of the nut of 42.5mm, a neck-shape of good feel with low string-action and the ergonomic design ....

acoustic bass ukulele fanned frets multiscale side sound hole pickup indian walnut

Balanced, precise with quick response in both bass and treble, this Bass Ukulele is excellently suited for anyone looking for an Acoustic Bass easy-to-carry. Despite its size, it also convinces with an impressingly sonorous sound.