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02.09.2011 STOLL Guitars in Hamburg
Claus Ulrich, Musik von Merkl
As previously announced, Musik von Merkl now has 4 STOLL Guitars permanently on stock. In the classical field you find Primera and Estudio and in the steelstring area you can put PT59 and PT69 to the acid test. Claus Ulrich is your professional contact person, you may find contact data in our Dealer List or directly at Musik von Merkl.
09.08.2011 Authorised Dealer Hamburg
Musik von Merkl Hamburg-Bergedorf
We are pleased to welcome Musik von Merkl as authorised dealer for the Hamburg area. The shop in the heart of Hamburg-Bergedorf, which has a nice guitar department, will by the end of August 2011 be enriched with four STOLL models. In the classical field one can test the Primera and Estudio, in the steelstring area the PT59 is already available to test and there will be added a PT69 also by the end of the month. Upon request, additional models are obtainable.
21.07.2011 Fantastic Parlours Finished
Ambition Parlour Silver Oak Ambition Parlour Spalted Mango
We have just completed two wonderful Ambition Parlour Steelstrings. One has a body of Indian Silver Oak, the other one is of Spalted Mango. Both have an Alpine Spruce top. Indian Silver Oak has already proven as a premier body material for fingerpicking guitars and mango is qualitatifly equal, the sound is however of a different color. As always, sound is difficult to describe, we recommend trying out. Our cozy showroom offers (after telephone registration ) the best conditions for detailled testing without hustle and bustle.
21.09.2010 Ioannina - The center of German quality guitars in Greece between Igoumenitsa and Ioannina One hundred kilometers of newly built highway leads the way from the port of Igoumenitsa, rich of curves and tunnels, through the high Epirean mountains (up to 2000m), past the ancient Temple of Zeus, Dodoni, towards the city of Ioannina. The shop, NS Guitar Workshop, is unassuming from the outside but on closer examination it turns out to be a Mecca of German guitar construction. Besides high-quality, as well as affordable international brands, in the electric guitar and bass sector you will find Nik Huber, Duesenberg and Human Base bass guitars. In the acoustic field, of course, you will find STOLL guitars and basses. Stavros Ntoukas (pronounced Dukas) and his family made us feel welcome with a nice Greek coffee. But then it's over with coziness and down to business! Although we traveled one day earlier than announced, sale prospects are already waiting and more have signed up for the days ahead. For days, a steady flow customers and STOLL fans graced us with their presence, eager to try out the range of guitars we brought with us. Respectfully playing and enjoying the guitars while being full of questions and being excited to learn about STOLL. A regional television crew and reporters from four different Newspapers appeared. Even a reporter wishing an interview on a Sunday was a surprise at the door! We met teachers from private music schools, highly motivated students, active guitarists and bass players, the latter being very impressed by the legendary acoustic bass, which of course, would not be missing from this exhibition. No distance was too far for these people! Apart from the immediate catchment area, guitarists came from Volos and Thessaloniki (300 km), Athens (550 km) and even from removed Istanbul (900km!) Christian Stoll und Stavros Ntoukas The exhibition was a great success and this not least because of the great commitment of Stavros Ntoukas. His concept of customer proximity apparently seems just right. "You know, I have already had customers from Athens, who were not even allowed to touch the guitars in the stores there. Then, they took the car and just drove to my place," he told me in a somewhat quieter minute. Not only can you touch the guitars at the NS Guitar Workshop, of course, you may play as long as you like. From the death metal kids who want to buy their first cheap electric guitar from their pocket money, to a university professor who plays the STOLL Classic Custom. Everyone is welcome! Given the enormous positive response, we left Greece with a laughing and a crying eye. We would have liked to enjoy the Greek hospitality, the weather and the scenery much longer, but we had to get home and build the ordered guitars. 11.08.2010 Stoll presents his guitars for the 2nd time in Greece We are proud to present from 28.08 to 11.09. in Ioannina, Epirus, Greece the whole range of our instruments. The selection goes from entry-level models for students up to high class solo instruments. For several years we  work closely with Stavros and Christos Ntoukas and are pleased to come now for the second time to the exhibition of Stoll Guitars in Ioannina. For two days, September 3rd and 4th, Christian Stoll will be personally present to give advice and answer any questions the prospective customers may have. The exhibition will take place at NS Guitar Workshop, Eleftherias 134, Eleousa, Ioannina, Epirus 45445. For further information contact Stavros Ntoukas: +302651061005 or 11.03.2010 Frankfurt Musikmesse The Frankfurt Musikmesse is getting closer and we are constantly working on the completion of this year's Fair news. The PT59 is getting a big brother. Based on the successful model of entry-level class, we have developed a baritone guitar you can really expect great things of. With a scale length of 68 cm, it is tuned a fourth lower. The body was designed slightly larger in size and thus supports the sound development of the lower spectrum optimally. Back and sides are of mahogany as the PT59, the top is made of alpine spruce. For the first time we present at the Frankfurt Musikmesse our Ukuleles. Of course, these gems are manufactured with the usual care, we provide the "larger" stringed instruments. Together with a Concert Ukulele with double cutaway made of mango you will find as well several Concert Ukuleles in various interesting combinations of wood. 21.03.2009 Musikmesse Participants of the 25-year anniversary of Stoll Guitars already had the opportunity, to hear Tom Rohm live. Now he comes to Frankfurt to present our guitars during the Musikmesse. Since 35 years living of and for music he presents sometimes rocking, sometimes romantic, folk and blues in his distinctive Rohm-feeling. From Wednesday to Friday Tom Rohm will do his best at our booth (Hall 3.1 H57). 09.03.2009 Folkladen We are glad to announce, that Folkladen in Munich, an institution in terms of guitars and banjos for 30 years, has become one of our support point dealers. A visit at Einsteinstraße is always worth while. 04.03.2009 Freewheel Machine-Heads Available again! After Knut Welsch has paused for almost 2 years, he offers the high-quality machine-heads again - now with improved technology. Accordingly the Freewheel Machine-Heads are of course available for our guitars on custom order. 12.01.2009 Follow Up 25 Years of STOLL Guitars 2008 was an exciting year. The anniversary activities kept us on the go. The publication of the historical photos, the construction of the anniversary model, its detailed photo documentation, and not least the 25 years anniversary celebration with simultaneous presentation of the anniversary model, the Mini Jumbo. All this was a bit exhausting. In return, we had a lot of positive feedback, which inspired us and charged us with energy. Only then can we explain that, despite all the extra work in 2008 we were able to make a record year. 120 guitars left our workshop last year. This was only possible because of our highly motivated staff. We can look back on the year 2008 very satisfied and we want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who selflessly helped us with the organization of our celebrations, to all who congratulated us in many different ways, and to all who were able to be present in person at the anniversary celebration. Life goes on, new tasks await us and therefore we will remove the link to 25 years Stoll Guitars from the main menu. So if you still want to view the historical photos and pictures of the building of the anniversary model, there is now a link "Photo Galleries" which is certainly extended in the future by one or more gallery. 08.12.2008 STOLL at Musikmesse 2009 in Hall 3.1 H57 As every year, we will present our instruments at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 2009. And like in the years before the number of our booth is another one than last year. Comforting for our regular visitors: it is the same as in 2007 and there is hope that our odyssey through Hall 3.1 since the expulsion from Paradise in 2006, as we still resided opposite of Acoustic Music, now has an end. Our new home at the Frankfurt Music Fair is and will remain (the organizer willing) in Hall 3.1 Booth H57 , diagonally across from Albert & Mueller, in the same row as the italian joint stand. Here is an excerpt of the hall plan of hall 3.1: A larger view is available as PDF (347 KB). 12.11.2008 Special exhibition of STOLL guitars in Musikshop-City, Berliner Str. 20 in Frankfurt/Main A special exhibition of STOLL guitars will take place in MusikShop-City, Frankfurt am Main. From the 6th until the 20th of December there will be a representative selection of both Classical and Steelstring Guitars "ready to test" in the shop. For further information contact Alan. 06.11.2008 New page Stoll on youTube and menu structure Since today there is a new page with a collection of videos on STOLL guitars. The page is called Stoll on YouTube. In connection with the publication, we have changed the menu structure. The item Who plays Stoll has been replaced by Stoll at Work. This link takes you to a submenu, that links to Stoll on YouTube and Who plays Stoll. 27.10.2008 Open Strings 2008 This year we will be present at Open Strings in Osnabrück. This time we show a Limited 2008, which is understood, an Estudio lefthanded, a legendary Acoustic Bass 4-string fretless and, you can be sure of, lots of other beautiful models. We are looking forward to seeing many well-known and new faces. 15.09.2008 Anniversary Celebration Follow-Up Our celebration of the 25th anniversary on September 14 was very nice. A big thank you once again to all visitors and for the pleasant atmosphere. Thank you also for the many great gifts. And to all those who could not be there: you missed something. Hessian tasty dishes, excellent music and the unveiling of the anniversary model. For consolation here is a first photo of the finished Mini-Jumbo. You may also see its development. 28.08.2008 New Photos of the Acoustic Bass Finally we have photos of the 5-string and 6-string model in the product description of the Legendary Acoustic Bass . In addition you can see the luxury Gigbag (made by Canto) too.     06.08.2008 The program for the anniversary celebration is defined Our 25th anniversary will be held on 14 September from 11.00 a.m. in Waldems-Esch in the village community house (Dorfgemeinschaftshaus). The musical program is supported by Just Friends who this year celebrate their 10th anniversary, Ralf Gauck, Stephan Jeremias, Bernard Muller, Dominik Jung and many others. In addition, Ralf Gauck offers a workshop and presents his eBooks . We also offer insight into various craft techniques of guitar construction. During the event Christian Stoll will present his anniversary model, a mini-jumbo which is limited to 6 instruments. You can find a documentation of the building of these instruments here . After the presentation all visitors have the opportunity to test the anniversary model. Later on we will open the stage for our guests under the motto "Acoustic Open Stage".   [back]   07.07.2008 STOLL Guitars celebrates anniversary We will celebrate our 25th anniversary on 14 September from 11.00 a.m. with a brunch. At the event we will present the "Supermodel", the Limited 2008, which is a Mini-Jumbo with cutaway. If you want to participate, please contact us no later than 15 August, preferably by email. In any case Just Friends will participate who celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. Alexander Holz and Oliver Kraus present interpretations of jazz evergreens, pop songs, Cuban folk and classical music. More information will be announced in time. [back] 30 April 2008 Just Friends on YouTube Our favorite duo Just Friends demonstrates its skills on YouTube. Oliver Kraus on the Alegra and Alexander Holz on the Legendary Acoustic Bass interpret "Take Five" as usual in an unconventional and highly virtuosic way. [back]   31 March 2008 Just Friends at Jazzkeller If you always wanted to see the Stoll Alegra, the Ambition and the Legendary Acoustic Bass with 6 strings in full action you may have the chance at the Frankfurt Jazzkeller. Alexander Holz and Oliver Kraus present their instruments in their well known way with funky interpretations of jazz evergreens, pop songs, cuban folklore and classical music. Frankfurt am Main, Jazzkeller 22 April 2008 9 p.m. Admission: 8 Euros [back] 17 March 2008 Stoll Guitars presents novelties in the classical sector at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008 Classic Line I 8-String Due to the great demand Christian Stoll offers his guitars now with an extended range downwards. His program at the Musikmesse Frankfurt included a Classic Line I with 8 strings. The tuning of the additional strings is variable down to low A. Primera Walnut Good quality native tonewoods are difficult to obtain. All the more gratifying is the fact that Christian Stoll succeeded in purchasing a walnut tree which, after 7 years of storage, now can be used for building guitars. The first model in the walnut series is the well known entry-level classical guitar Primera with spruce top, other models will follow. The cut wood is sufficient for about 60 instruments. So those who would like to use this opportunity should not hesitate too long. [back] 25 February 2008 Stoll Guitars presents - Live at the Musikmesse Frankfurt Dominik Jung and Just Friends - directly at the booth (Hall 3.1 A91)
Dominik Jung
Dominik Jung At the age of 12 Dominik Jung discovered the guitar as his ideal instrument. Motivated by music of Hannes Wader, Klaus Weiland and Werner Laemmerhirt he started his education on classic guitar. After school, he began studying classical guitar at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, during that time he received awards and prizes in international guitar competitions in Luxembourg, Weikersheim and Tokyo and almost forgot the music, which had brought him to the guitar ... After his exam in 2001 he returned to the beginnings. Finally he bought his first Steelstring, discovered musicians like Peter Finger and Laurence Juber and began to write his own music. In 2005, he published the Fingerstyle CD "simple gifts". Meanwhile, he plays both, classical and fingerstyle concerts, and feels home in concert halls as well as on cabarets.
Just Friends
Just Friends Beside several own compositions Alexander Holz and Oliver Kraus interpret latin and jazz standards of Chick Corea, Paquito de Rivera, Pat Metheny or Miles Davis on a 6-string acoustic bass and a classic guitar. Together they present a program full of tension, friendship, heights and depths, playing solos, grooving together, finding the apex. This year Just Friends are celebrating their 10th anniversary on stage.
Saturday, March 15th 11.30 a.m. Dominik Jung
Saturday, March 15th 12.30 p.m. Just Friends
Saturday, March 15th 01.30 p.m. Dominik Jung
Saturday, March 15th 02.30 p.m. Just Friends
10 February 2008 New feature on the Legendary Acoustic Bass Just in time for the Musikmesse 2008, we present another innovation with our Legendary Acoustic Bass. After improving the playability by the Constant String Spacing in the past year, we enlarged the fingerboard for greater comfort and playability and even more improved sound this year. Simultaneously with the fretboard the bridge was also increased. Together this leads to a modified string angle and thus to a much freer development of the overtones. We also present new products on the classical guitar sector, however we would like to keep the details until the beginning of the fair. Visitors find us, as usual in Hall 3.1, but this year in row A, booth 91.   13 February 2008 Germany in search of the supermodel In May 2008 Stoll Guitars will celebrate its 25th anniversary. A reason for celebration and a reason for us to thank our customers for the many years of loyalty with something special. We want to do this with a special steelstring model in a limited edition of 6 instruments. You decide the looks of the guitar. Whether wood selection, body shape, neck width or inlays and ornaments, your imagination knows no limits. Tell us what kind of guitar you had always wanted to be built by Stoll. Under the slogan "Limited 2008" you can submit your proposals until March 15. Or simply come to our booth (3.1 A91) at the Musikmesse Frankfurt. Among the respondents, we are giving away a guitar voucher to the value of 300 euros. In August, we will then present your favorite and announce the price for the "Stoll Limited 2008". Previously, however, we will announce your decision here on our website and keep you up to date with a photo-documentary about the construction progress. 10 February 2008 New Design Since today we present our website in a shining new design. More beautiful more modern, more comfortable, that is at least our opinion. We hope thon you, just like us, enjoy our new appearance. In addition to the new design, we have also changed the site structure. Thus, for example, to present the instruments no more separate windows pop up, which makes the navigation much more user-friendly. Additional drop-down menus in the guitars area allow for faster navigation as well. Furthermore, for each instrument we now offer a download of the product description in PDF format. We also have arranged the accessories area more clearly. The user interface has been improved and we added photo material. Last not least, Stoll Guitars now presents itself bilingual (german/english). The language switch at the end of the main menu may be used comfortably on any page. For feedback whether it is praise, criticism or just a comment, we have an open ear. Also if we still have overlooked a mistake, we are grateful for a hint.