Classic Guitar with smaller body and 60 cm scale length

This little bundle of energy we built for a guitar teacher in order to protect his shoulders. He wanted to have as small guitar for the classroom, with a still voluminous sound. We have realised this desire based on a . The scale length was reduced to 60 cm, the body is with a length ...continue reading "Teacher’s Classical Guitar with Small Body and Shortened Scale Length"

Steelstring Guitar Ambition Parlor Mahohany Spruce - back

with Mahogany  back and sides and Sitka Spruce top.  The Sitka of this particular guitar is sinker wood which lay in the Yukon river for appr. 60 years. The slotted headstock is typical for this traditional parlor guitar. The headstock veneer is made of Rosewood. The Schaller Hauser-tuners have Ebony buttons. Parlor Mahogany is equipped ...continue reading "Steelstring Guitar Ambition Parlour Mahogany"

Steelstring Guitar Ambition Parlor Mango

 with back and sides of Spalted Mango. The slotted headstock is typical for this traditional parlor guitar. The headstock veneer is also made of mango. The top of bearclaw spruce was stored for 30 years before it was used for this gem. The Schaller Hauser style tuners have Ebony buttons. Parlor Mango  is equipped with ...continue reading "Steelstring Guitar Ambition Parlour Mango"

Steel String Guitar Ambition Baritone Walnut

This Ambition Baritone  is like all baritone guitars, tuned one fourth lower than the standard model. Scale length is 68 cm. The body is made of European Walnut with exceptionally beautiful grain. The oval side soundport serves as a monitor for your playing. Ambition Baritone is equipped with Elixir baritone strings.

Parlor steelstring guitar- american walnut

This pretty  steel string guitar has a scale length of 62 cm. The body is made ​​of American Walnut, which we used also for the headstock. The bright purfling is made of Anigré, the green purfling and Rosette with Abalone inlays underscore the elegance of this gem. Despite its small size, this has an amazing assertiveness.

Stoll Ambition Silver Oak Custom

The customer requested a guitar that shouldn't look like any other. The top of bear claw spruce is stained red, the body is made of silver oak. The head shape was designed similar to our model . During audition of , the customer discovered the benefits of a side soundport, which was then also implemented. ...continue reading "Ambition Silver Oak – Bearclaw Spruce"