classical guitar local woods pear alder black locust Estudio stoll

The classical guitar for students and other ambitious guitarists made of local woods, this time with Pear / Spruce an Alder neck and fingerboard and bridge of Black Locust.  With luscious clarity and very present tone pear is an adequate substitute for East Indian Rosewood. CITES-reglementations inspired us to search for alternatives. Local woods are ...continue reading "Classical Guitar Estudio Local Woods – <br>Pear, Alder, Black Locust"

custom order bowable acoustic bass

The Bowable Acoustic Bass was built in 2016 for the German Medieval Band Waldkauz. In addition, the band commissioned a bow and had a special flight case made. All of this is now for sale. Bowable Acoustic Bass Compact This extraordinary Acoustic Bass fulfills every wish a double bass player ever had. Impressive volume, full ...continue reading "For Sale: Fretted 5-string Bowable Acoustic Bass with Bow and Flight Case – Used"