The Nürtingen International Guitar Festival will take place from 27 July to 04 August 2012. From 30 to 31 July Christian Stoll will also be present with his classical guitars as an exhibitor.At this year's Head-to-Head Comparision (on 31 July at 02.00 p.m.) a number of master guitars of different guitar makers are compared on ...continue reading "Guitar Contest in Nürtingen on 31 July 2012"

02.09.2011 STOLL Guitars in Hamburg As previously announced, Musik von Merkl now has 4 STOLL Guitars permanently on stock. In the classical field you find Primera and Estudio and in the steelstring area you can put PT59 and PT69 to the acid test. Claus Ulrich is your professional contact person, you may find contact data ...continue reading "News Archive"