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About Stoll


Classic or Steelstring Guitar – This is the Place

With love and very close contact to the needs of the guitarist, we develop our standard models in both classical and steelstring guitars.

Custom Neck Width and Body Size / Scale

But standard model does not mean you have to buy our guitars off the rack. We build our instruments by hand and therefore we have no problem in setting the desired neck width, or in deviations from our standard scale length of 65 cm. It causes us even as little problems that we can do without an extra charge. Similarly, it is with

Left Handed Guitars

One way or the other way around for us is six of one, half a dozen of the other. We build, as you need it. As additional charge we calculate for left-handed models only the extra expenses resulting from the making of a special bridge and this will cost less than a set of good strings.

Acoustic Basses

For more than 30 years we go our own way regardless of what is "trend". Guided by the belief that special musician also deserve special instruments. In 1987, we created the Legendary Acoustic Bass. Far away from what had hitherto been branded an acoustic bass and tremendously successful, because we take seriously the needs of musicians.

This motto carries us in the manufacture of all our instruments. That we largely avoid the use of machines goes without saying, because only in direct contact with the wood can arise, what makes our instruments so unique.

Even More Custom Works

Besides individual neck width, we also provide the string action as it is most convenient for you.

You want a fancy rosette, different finish, french polish, different machine heads, pearl inlays according to your own design, selected tonewood, a cutaway, a smaller or larger body, a shallower or deeper body, a 7-string, 8-string or even 10-string classical guitar or steelstring guitar, a tenor or baritone guitar, an octave guitar, a guitar with two necks - we can fulfill your dreams. Visit our custom shop for a wide range of options.

Many of your wishes can be implemented for a small fee, some even with a discount if for example with a model of the premium line you chose the ultrathin satin finish, or in case you choose a model from the State-of-the-art line with standard machine heads. For any further questions don't hesitate to ask. We are pleased to help you with any request.