classic bass

Magazine: bass quarterly 5/2010 | Author: Christoph Hees
The Classic Bass appears as a successful hybrid of classical Nylon String and "typical" Acoustic Bass. Both body size and shape as the classic type of Stringing are borrowed from its guitar counterpart, while the Scale length of 75 cm (Standard long scale: 86.4 cm) and the "only" eighteen frets seem to be genes of the Acoustic Bass. The instrument has a wonderful silky touch and exudes a certain unostentatious elegance. The satin finished maple body with a one-piece rosewood binding bears a spruce top in nordic blonde ..

steel string fingerstyle guitar cutaway

Magazine: Akustik Gitarre 02/2006 | Author: Andreas Boer
Good materials, the best workmanship, excellent set-up and in addition to all this perfect sound development along with an ideally shaped neck for the finger-stylist: The Stoll-Ambition-Fingerstyle fully lives up to its name and fulfills the expectations you would have towards a hand-built instrument. The fingerpicker in search of the "instrument for life" should venture into a test run with this guitar ...

steel string acoustic guitar handmade germany luthier stoll

Magazine: Akustik Gitarre 06/2003 | Author: Andreas Schulz
The Stoll PT 59 is a solid-wood steelstring-guitar priced attractively, made with great care and of good materials. It plays comfortably and has good response and substantial sound volume. It is predestined for all forms of song accompaniment and of course for finger-picking. Even a thin pick can be used by any means - thanks to a well developed mid-range sound ....

Stoll Primera

Magazine: Akustik Gitarre 02/2002 | Author: Andreas Schulz
Especially for the young beginner it is most important to play an instrument that motivates on account of its sound - and the Primera will not strain the purse of the parents too much. The model with the 65cm standard-scale even develops a bit more of a full and louder sound and therefore represents a good choice for the adult beginner or advancing player.