Boss. All-rounder. Luthier, repair service, sales, customer service, customer acquisition, accounting.

Graduate Engineer information and communication technology. Right hand man of the boss. What would the workshop be without him. He is expert when it comes to wiring problems in the repair shop and mainly responsible for the state-of-the-art product line.

Our "youngest" journeyman, successfully trained with us and on board since 01 March 2016. He is mainly responsible for the Ambition Acoustic Guitar series of the Premium product line.

Apprentice since 01 February 2018. Sander already has some years of experience in guitar making. We support him to obtain an official degree as a luthier.

Johannes from Austria completed his education at  HTBLA Hallstatt and passed the master examination as a luthier and violin maker successfully. He then made the move to Germany. Since 01. February 2019 he supports our team. 

Does everything except building guitars. Webdesign, product images, brochures, advertising, exhibition booth design, alaska piks counseling, telephone service.