Ambition Fingerstyle

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Ambition Fingerstyle

Based on the Ambition model the neck-body joint has been moved to the 12th fret.

At 46.5mm the neck is a bit wider than on the standard Ambition however it can be altered at no extra cost.

Consequently we chose a slotted head as well as a Spanish Neck for this model which is the most advanced neck-body-joint in classic lutherie. For back and sides you have a choice between Rosewood, Maple, Ovancol, Mahogany and others. This will guarantee a wide sound-spectrum in which every musician can find realized his or her own individual listening preferences.

The appeal of Ambition Fingerstyle lies in its immediate response, full and well-rounded sound. It is ideal for the fingerpicker, friends of Celtic music and all players of classical guitar who don't want to miss the playing comfort they are used to when changing to steelstrings.


Steel-String Guitar

Class: Premium
Back/Sides: East Indian Rosewood
Top: Engelmann Spruce
Neck: Cedro (spanish constructed heel)
Neck Width: Variable, 42 - 50 mm
Scale Length: 65 cm
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge/Nut: Bone
Machine Heads: Schaller with Ebony wings
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin-gloss or high-gloss
Weight: 1,830 g
Case: SCC Hardcase
Options: Top of Cedar or Sitka-Spruce,
Back and Sides of Maple, Wild-Cherry, Amaranth, Mango or any other tonewood,
Scale-length user-defined,
bevel (armrest),
fanned frets (multiscale fretboard),
Lefthanded model,
Pickup at choice
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RRP: € 3,400.-