madagascar rosewood acoustic steel string guitar s-custom luthier Christian stoll

Exclusively rare and exceptional woods of highest quality such as rosewood, Macassar ebony or Koa, high class fine-tuning, finest machine-heads and a very complex lacquer finish ...

Jumbo Steel string fanned frets bevel side soundhole

The intelligent design of the IQ is evident at first glance. The player who takes on the unusual arrangement of the frets will be rewarded with much more relaxed playing...

Stoll IQ Bass fanned fret Acoustic Bass

With the IQ Bass we once again set the standard. The IQ Bass has a multi-scale fingerboard, bridge and head are matched harmoniously with the asymmetrical design. The sound - simply stunning.

acoustic bass ukulele fanned frets multi scale side sound port pickup

Balanced, precise with quick response in both bass and treble, this Bass Ukulele is excellently suited for anyone looking for an Acoustic Bass easy-to-carry. Despite its size, it also convinces with an impressingly sonorous sound.