The starter-model for adolescents and grown-ups is being built as a standard with a 63cm and 65cm scale.

It is very important, especially for the beginner, to play an affordable…

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The guitar for serious students.

As with its smaller sister, Primera, the emphasis with this model was to offer good STOLL quality at an affordable price.

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Alegra stands out through its unusual appearance.

Here the cutaway is standard. With its flatter profile and lesser width …

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Classic Line I

The Classic Line I is defined by its balanced sound-characteristics.

The elaborate mounting of the top by means of single woodblocks instead of the woodstrips results in a soft, sensitive tone…

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Classic Octave

The Classic Octave is a typical octave guitar. It is played in the traditional guitar- or mixed folk-ensemble. Scale length is 40 cm, the depth of the sides was adjusted according to the body size. It has 18 frets, the neck-body …

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Classic Line Pro

With the Classic Line Pro the emphasis lies on balance and individual fine-tuning of the top.

In addition to the elaborate mounting of the top by means of little single woodblocks the strength …

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Classic Custom

For this guitar only the most valuable and exclusive materials are being used. The top has an elaborate Shellac hand-finish , an art that has become rare. fine first-class tuning-machine-heads and a perfect ….

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Evolution M

The experience of an entire luthier’s life is put into this high class instrument. Using the highest quality woods Christian Stoll has created a Stradivarius among guitars. A complete shellac-hand-finish …

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Double Fun – Reversible Double Neck Guitar

The only double neck guitar that works. Reversibility allows an ergonomic position for both necks. Two individually braced tops provide optimal sound for both nylon and steel strings.

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