Local Wood Steel String:
Ambition Fingerstyle Walnut

This is the second guitar we have consistently built of local woods for the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016. The body of this  fingerstyle model with a 63 cm scale is entirely made of Walnut, that is, the top is made of Walnut too. This absolute unique piece is now for sale. Description Wood The […]

Local Wood Steel String:
Ambition Fingerstyle Cherry / Spruce / Plum

A guitar entirely made of native woods. This was the special task that the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 has presented to their exhibitors. We built even two guitars and mastered the challenge with flying colors. Both are fingerstyle models, one with 63 cm scale and completely of walnut, the one here presented comes with […]

Jumbo Steel String with Fanned Frets, Bevel,
Side Soundhole and Extended Cutaway

Description Based on our model IQ, with it’s already stunning features like fanned frets, side soundhole and bevel, we added the proCut. Thus it combines pretty much everything modern lutherie has to offer. ProCut The idea behind the proCut is simply to lower the cutaway a little more. Technically, this requests significant modifications in the […]

7-string Classical Guitar with Fanned Frets

Description This 7-string guitar is based on our model Classic Line I. Unlike the recently introduced 8-string nylon string guitar for modern playing styles, this one is a real classical guitar for real classical guitarists. The seventh string extends the bass range. With the fanned frets we perfected ergonomics and intonation. Fanned Frets Fanned frets […]

Classic Line I-8

The construction of a 7 -, 8 – or 10-string guitar demands a highly skilled luthier. The challenge is to form a harmonious whole of the technical, visual, tonal and functional changes caused by the increased…