8 string 5 steel 3 bass fanned frets bevel local woods

Fingerstyle 5+3 8-string edition of our acoustic guitar with five steel strings and three bass strings. Excellent for advanced fingerpicking. Guitar nerds, who do not get enough of the bass range of a conventional steel string guitar, get their money's worth here.

moa austalian teak mangium steel string acoustic guitar luthier christian stoll

CITES-friendly In search of alternatives to the highly restricted Rosewood we found some really promising wood species. One of this woods is , the other one is Moa, which we'd like to intruduce with this post. Rosewood-free As Rosewood is commonly used for fingerboard, bridge and binding and thus also troubles crossing frontiers, we decided ...continue reading "Ambition Moa (Australian Teak, Mangium) Free of Rosewood"

Bowable fretted 5-string Acoustic Bass

Bowable Acoustic Bass Compact This extraordinary Acoustic Bass fulfills every wish a double bass player ever had. Impressive volume, full sound, compact body, bowable, fretted, easily transportable. The sound is very similar to a double bass. Capabilities The Bowable Acoustic Bass was built for the German Medieval Band Waldkauz. It can be used for any ...continue reading "Fretted 5-string Bowable Acoustic Bass"

IQ Acoustic Bass 5 string semi fretless

The fretted lower range of this semi fretless 5 string acoustic bass allows fo relaxed bass accompaniment. The fretless high range part in combination with the low B string offers wonderful possibilities of improvisation and melody playing and a real double bass sound.