Bowable fretted 5-string Acoustic Bass

Bowable Acoustic Bass Compact This extraordinary Acoustic Bass fulfills every wish a double bass player ever had. Impressive volume, full sound, compact body, bowable, fretted, easily transportable. The sound is very similar to a double bass. Capabilities The Bowable Acoustic Bass was built for the German Medieval Band Waldkauz. It can be used for any ...continue reading "Fretted 5-string Bowable Acoustic Bass"

Steelstring Parlour Guitar proCut Cutaway Double Sides

Double Sides Double sides usually ensure greater stiffness and stability. Thus the guitar achieves a sound more loud and defined. In our particular case, we had a customer who was, from the visual point of view, in love with Spalted Mango, from his acoustic preferences, however, he tended to guitars with a full mid-range. Mango ...continue reading "Steel String Parlour Guitar with Double Sides and Deep Cutaway"

Classic Lefthanded Guitar with Back and Sides of Indian Rosewood

This time we want to introduce a   guitar, which shows that we respond to customer needs in any price range. It is the , our entry-level model in the  segment. This  was not only constructed for a left handed guitarist but  also built with different woods for back and sides. While the standard of ...continue reading "Classic Left Handed Guitar with Rosewood Back and Sides"