Classic Crossover Nylon String Guitar with Large Body and 14 Fret Transition

Extraordinary classic crossover guitar with steel string body size and neck transition at 14th fret.

Highly suitable for singer-songwriters.


This guitar was designed for Tobias Burger.  An identical model built simultaneously. In response to the great demand we built some more.

The goal we had, when developing this crossover guitar was to build a nylon string guitar for a steel string guitarist, as the sound of nylon strings fits better with his style.

However, he did not want the typical classic sound. So starting from our model Alegra, which is also designed for modern playing styles, the sound should be altered to his ideas. It was not supposed to be as soft as Alegra, and above all he liked it to be really strong.

Crossover Concept

In order to fulfill these wishes, we took the shape of our steel string guitar Ambition as a starting point and made appropriate adjustments for a classical guitar. We left the neck transition at 14th fret. The transition with classical guitars is usually at 12th fret. Many steel-string guitars are also built as 12-fret guitars, because this results in a better balance of the upper and lower part of the top in relation to the bridge. Thus the sound appears very warm and round.

In this case, the guitarist required a transition on 14th fret, because he was used to it. As this requirement shifts the bridge position and changes the ratio of the top areas above and below the bridge, we pushed the sound hole towards the neck. This way we achieved an even better surface ratio than with our Ambition. The changes improve fullness and color of tone. With an appropriately adjusted bracing the larger body generates an impressive volume.

Woods / Configuration

Indian Rosewood features great selectivity in the highs and has always been the wood  for back and sides preferred by classical guitarists. This characteristic fits very well with the desired sound. Of course, the larger contribution is provided by the Spruce top.

On request woods can of course be varied, as well as the neck width, which is 51.5 mm with this guitar. If necessary, the guitar may be equipped with a pickup. The string action is kept low and can also be adapted to the customer's requirements (also after completion). The D'Addario carbon strings provide the possibility to tune down the crossover guitar half a tone.

Tobias Burger on Sound and Concept

I am overwhelmed! Such a smashing performance I hardly thought possible. The playability, string tension, tone length, balance, clarity, the power of the tones - especially in the treble - just wonderful! Thank you very much for this masterly planning and craftsmanship and for the choice of wood (what a beautiful Rosewood).

The concept of the guitar is perfect for me. It's the best "steel string guitar" I've ever played - regarding tone and closeness of the string (re) action to a nylon string guitar. This is a class of its own. And that's just how it differs from the many 12-fret crossover guitars with cutaway, which for me are not far enough away from the classical concept.

With this concept, a gap is filled  in a very convincing manner.


Classical Guitar

Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood
Top: Spruce
Neck: Spanish Cedar (spanish constructed heel), with truss rod
Neck Width at Nut: 51.5 mm
Scale Length: 650 mm
Fingerboard: Ebony, curved
Machine Heads: Schaller Grrand tune Lyra
Strings: D'Addario Carbon HT
Nut/Bridge: Rosewood/Bone
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin finish
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Price: € 3,580.-